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Palm Sunday and take in a movie

In Fun Stuff on March 30, 2007 at 1:33 pm

First of all, the dates on these posts are now fixed. The previous two posts were listed as being a day ahead. I’m learning…ok?

It is officially Friday!!!

Breathtaking scenes from 300If you are one of the few that are still living in a cave, get out and about to see the movie 300. Although it is not historically acurate, it is visually captivating and amazingly directed. If possible, see it on an IMAX screen near you. If you wait to see it on DVD you will be missing out! This movie could have easily been overdone by making it a 3 hour epic film (geez, remember Troy?) but it is right under 2 hours and I promise that you won’t want to get out of your seat! (Oh and for us ladies, HOLY ABS!) By the way, if you have young children, DO NOT take them to this movie. A little too on the graphic side.

300 Movie Poster

Also, don’t forget that it is Palm Sunday! So, go to church and then go to the movies!

Plam Sunday

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