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Poke, poke, poke

In Politics on April 9, 2007 at 9:50 am

Lurking Dick 

Picture by Stephen Crowley of The New York Times    

Cheney lurking in the bushes (no pun intended) of the Rose Garden really creeps me out.

Remember the poking game that you and your brother would play when you were kids? You would poke him (not too hard), then he would poke you (his finger was always stronger), then back and forth the game would go until you both were in pain with red marks while mom screamed for the both of you to “Knock it off!”

The poking game was in full force in D.C. by last Friday.

The game started to get nasty with the Iraq funding bill that Congress said they would pass, appropriating money to continue the fight in Iraq but only with a stipulation that Bush set a time period for troop withdrawal – September 2008. <poke>

Then Bush said that he would veto any such bill that came upon his desk and blamed Congress for not caring about the troops. <poke>

Then the Senate passed the bill and said it would be Bush to blame for not taking care of the troops and respecting Americans. <poke>

Then as the Easter Break came for Congress, Bush used his presidential powers to make three recess appointments that Senate Democrats would have surely blocked. <poke – that one hurt!>

I might just add that after the last poke, Bush ran off to hide at Crawford for the weekend. Maybe he thinks the Dems can’t reach him there for another poke back? Ok, it was a planned trip for the holiday. In any case, the game is in full swing and my arm is beginning to ache with sympathy pains from all the poking.

Read more about the recess appointments and interview with VP Cheney on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in today’s New York Times (you have to register but it’s free).

….sidebar… I can’t help looking at the picture above again and wonder who is controlling the strings of this administration.

  1. This is disturbing, but also kind of funny.

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