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Satan made me do it and a stand for Houston

In Are you kidding me?, Local News on May 20, 2007 at 7:39 pm

Houston - Downtown

I’m really getting sick of the fact that the lunitics of Houston and its surrounding areas are getting more national coverage on CNN and MSNBC then real heroes such as our soldiers in Iraq. Obviously the good things that happen in Houston are not as newsworthy.

First we had Andrea Yates who killed her five children because God told her to do so. Of course, who could not forget Enron??? Then we had the whacked out Clara Harris who ran over her husband several times in a hotel parking lot because he was cheating on her. Next we had the crazy diaper wearing-jealous-female NASA astronaut who drove across country to hunt down her lover’s lover. Additionally, we had the man that went into his Clear Lake NASA (yes, NASA again) office one afternoon and shot his boss and himself because he knew he was going to be fired. Last week we made it into the national news again.

Joshua Mauldin, 19, his wife, mother, and 2 month old baby girl were staying at a Quality Inn in Galveston. Mauldin said that he moved the family to Galveston because God had called on to him to follow the ministry. While Mauldin’s wife and mother were at an IHOP, Mauldin placed his baby girl in a microwave. Shortly after, he called down to the front desk for help. He told the person at the front desk that he had spilled hot water on the baby. They found the baby on the bed badly burned. Then his story changed. He stated that he tripped over the coffee maker’s electrical cord causing it to tip over on the baby. That story was quickly retracted when he was caught in the lie. The coffee maker’s cord was no where visible so he could not have tripped over it. So he admitted putting the baby in the microwave because God told him to do so. Once the authorities arrested him, he changed the story again saying that stress caused him to do it. Today as I am watching the weekend national news, I learn of new blame for Mauldin’s actions.

From the AP:

May 20, 2007, 1:10PM
Mom blames Satan for burning baby in microwave

Joshua Mauldin MugshotGALVESTON — A woman blames the devil and not her husband for severely burning their infant daughter after the 2-month-old was put in a microwave, a Houston television station reported.

Eva Marie Mauldin said Satan compelled her 19-year-old husband, Joshua Royce Mauldin, to microwave their daughter May 10 because the devil disapproved of Joshua’s efforts to become a preacher.

“Satan saw my husband as a threat. Satan attacked him because he saw (Joshua) as a threat,” Eva Mauldin told Houston television station KHOU-TV.

A Galveston County grand jury indicted Joshua Mauldin last week on child injury charges after hearing evidence that he placed his daughter in a motel microwave for 10 to 20 seconds.

The infant, Ana Marie, remains hospitalized. She suffered burns on the left side of her face and to her left hand, police said.

Eva Marie Mauldin, the girl’s 20-year-old mother, told the television station that her husband is “not the monster people are making him out to be.”

“That was not my husband; my husband is a wonderful father,” she said. “Satan was working through his weaknesses.”

Eva Maudlin described those weaknesses as an undisclosed mental disability, and that her efforts to get help for him have failed.

Police said Joshua Mauldin told them he put Ana Marie in the microwave because he was under stress. The family had arrived in Galveston the day before.

Eva Maudlin, who met her husband in an Arkansas church, denied those claims by police.

“He would never do anything to hurt her. He loves her,” she said. “When she cries he is the one who comforts her. When she is sick, he is the one that takes her to the doctor.”

Joshua Mauldin, of Warren, Ark., came to Galveston with his wife and mother because he was called to be a preacher, his wife said. While Joshua Mauldin’s mother has returned to Arkansas, Eva Mauldin remains in Galveston.

She is hoping to be reunited with her daughter, but Child Protective Services is working to have her and Joshua Mauldin’s parental rights severed. A custody hearing for the infant is scheduled for later this week in a Galveston district court.

Joshua Mauldin faces a charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily harm, which carries a possible prison term of five to 99 years, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

Eva Mauldin has set up a MySpace page, “Joshua Mauldin is not a Monster,” in hopes of defending her husband and making pleas for people to help her.

According to the Iraq Coalition Causality Count‘s website, 43 soldiers have died from Houston, Conroe, Spring, Galveston, The Woodlands, and Humble as of today. We never seem to hear their stories. Like so many other stories with the war, we only hear numbers and nothing of these families. Most of you may think that this has nothing to do with the Joshua Mauldin’s story and it may not. My husband is in the military and so whenever there is a causality and my ears perk up, the news story is usually just a little blurb and then onto the crazy astronaut or guy that put his baby in the microwave. So, whenever I see Houston on the national news because of controversy or disgusting stories I get infuriated. I have to admit that when I came to Houston 6 years ago for a job, I was kind of hoping that it wouldn’t work out.

I only heard negative things like all of the crime, violence, and traffic. Houston quickly grew on me and I am proud to say that I am a Houston transplant. There are so many wonderful things about Houston that many don’t know about. We have a great Theater and Arts district, cool science museums and exhibits, awesome sports teams, and tons more. When our families come to visit, they look forward to all the things that we have planned for them because there is always something different to do. Houston has many cities within the city and although it is one of the largest cities in the nation, you can always find hospitable people and those willing to give you the shirt off of their back.

I just want people that don’t live in Houston to understand that although we have our share of crazy people, there are so many more great things to know about our city. I hate getting email from family and friends that say, “I hear what happened in Houston again…”

The truth is, things like this happen all over the country and I am sure that there are others sitting in their living rooms feeling the same way about their city or town. I’m just another voice and opinion at the other end of your computer monitor. By the way…Satan lives everywhere – not just in Houston and Galveston. <smile>

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