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Happy Hurricane Season!

In Local News on June 1, 2007 at 1:41 pm

Louetta Rd and I-45 North

This is a picture I took looking down at the access road of Louetta Rd. West and I-45 North Freeway the day before Hurricane Rita.

Another hurricane season is here. Are you ready? I learned my lesson during Rita’s pit stop through Houston and Spring. Although Rita wasn’t as strong as initially anticipated, it still brought strong winds and damage. We had a tree break over our house and landed up against our van – luckily not on it or on the house. My husband was still on post Hurricane Katrina duty with the National Guard in Louisiana so I was the one at home with the kids, boarding up the house, and preparing for the worse. Thankfully, it was more of a drill for what may be ahead in the future.  I dealt with flooding during Allison but had no idea how scary things would be when the wind is blowing against the house, trees were breaking around us, and debris hitting the house.

ABC Channel 13 has a lot of information to get you ready for this hurricane season. Especially after the quiet season we had last year, I’m afraid too many people have forgotten about the previous year. Check out the evacuation routes on Channel 13’s web page and go by Kroger to get your hurricane guide. Get your bottled water and batteries now instead of waiting for the last minute and fighting people in Wal-Mart and Target for the last flashlight or battery-operated radio. You can also take a lot at chron.com‘s Hurricane Central web page which gives you the latest coverage about how Houston is gearing up.

Below is a picture of my dog Petey watching Tim Heller’s newscast about Rita’s landfall the night before the storm.

Petey and Tim Heller


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