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Lil’ Bush Comes to Comedy Central

In Fun Stuff on June 11, 2007 at 10:27 pm

Lil’ Bush

On Wednesday the 13th, you can check out the cartoon series “Lil’ Bush” on Comedy Central. If you haven’t heard the hype yet, “Lil’ Bush” takes place in the present time but with his daddy (#41) as the current president. Lil’ Bush and his friends (Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Rummy-with Iggy Pop voicing, and Lil’ Cheney) hang out in the White House with their parents and attend the Quayle Elementary School where Lil’ Bush sees Lil’ Laura for the first time. Lil’ Condi is a bit jealous because of the crush she has on Lil’ George. Future run-ins include Lil’ Tony Blair and Lil’ Kim Jong I.

This Wednesday’s episode at 9:30p central time has Lil’ George and his chums going to Iraq in hopes of tracking down some good news about the war to cheer up his dad for Father’s Day.

The pilot episode had Lil’ Bush and his posse protesting because the school cafeteria had a menu change taking the All-American hot dog off of the menu. You feel guilty watching as Lil’ Bush and his friends torture the cafeteria workers Abu Ghraib style.

Created by Donick Cary, the cartoon was originally for mobile customers. Cary has writing credits for David Letterman and The Simpsons. He says that his intent is not political but more for laughs.

You can check it out for yourself. I have included the episode called “The Decider”where Lil’ George and his classmates take over the Oval Office and created nuclear havoc on enemies, schoolmates, and liberals (including Lil’ Mikey Moore). Wait until you see Lil’ Jeb getting smacked on the head and how even in the cartoon world, Babs wears the pants in the Presidential Family.

  1. Nice to see you’re still blogging about the hard hitting issues! hahah

  2. Yeah, it’s a tough job but someone has to tackle the issues that no one else does. :o)

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