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Elizabeth Edwards on GMA

In Media, news, Politics on June 28, 2007 at 10:46 am

Elizabeth Edwards

Like many who have fallen victim to the whole “war of words” between Elizabeth Edwards and Ann Coulter (see previous post), I admit that I got up early this morning (on my day off – no doubt) to watch Elizabeth on Good Morning America. For the interview in its entirety and the full story from ABC News, click here.

As much as I loathe contributing any more attention to Ann Coulter, I thought it was important to share the other side of this attack.

As long as the public (yes, this includes me) continues to give Coulter the spotlight, she will thrive with more senseless nonsense and bantering about what she views as political discussions. So unless the woman (and I use that term lightly) falls off of a cliff anytime soon, this is the last post about Ms. so-and-so.


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