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In Are you kidding me?, Internet, news, Politics on July 12, 2007 at 4:48 pm


Introducing… Conservapedia! Many feel that search engines such as google and online encyclopedias like wikipedia lean to the left when it comes to “facts.” So now the right side has introduced their solution of one-sided information: conservapedia. Their tagline is “A Trustyworthy Encyclopedia.”

First of all, do we really need this? And what makes them so trustworthy? Is it because they list a daily Bible verse on the main page? Maybe it’s because there is a daily historical quote right under the Bible verse. I know! It has to be the Masterpiece of the Week collection highlighting a great artist. I guess liberals don’t read the Bible, know anything about history, or have any inclination about the Arts. Do I sound bitter? No, just that I think this is all very silly.

I guess if you are trying to steer clear of anything profane or objectionable, then the site is perfect for you. HOWEVER…this site still enable people like you to upload files and information just like wikipedia. So although I’m sure anything objectionable will be removed rather quickly, you still have the opportunity to share nonconservative information. Funny, I don’t see this catching on or going global like its counterpart wikipedia…


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