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Bush Says No Way To Troop Pay

In Are you kidding me?, Economy, Military, news, Politics, War in Iraq on July 17, 2007 at 1:46 pm

Photo by Eric Draper Photo by Eric Draper

I guess having an all-time low approval rating isn’t enough for our President…He’s on his way to hitting rock bottom.

On July 10th the Bush Administration said it “strongly opposes” key military pay and benefit gains tossed into their fiscal 2008 defense bill.

“Strongly opposes…”

Initiatives the administration “strongly opposes” include:

A military pay raise in January of 3.5 percent versus 3 percent endorsed by the White House.

Lowering the age to 60 to start reserve retirement annuities for reserve component members by the length of their future mobilizations.

Expanding eligibility for Combat-Related Special Compensation to service members forced by combat disabilities to retire short of 20 years.

Directing pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the Department of Defense with same price discounts for the Tricare retail pharmacy network that are provided already on medicines dispensed from base pharmacies.

For the full story, read here.

Anyone who knows a newly enlisted soldier is quite aware that they could be making more at the local grocery store stocking shelves; however, the women and men of our U.S. military are not enlisted for the money but for the cause. Did you know that many young enlisted men and women have their families on food stamps? Many people don’t realize this. When we were stationed in Hawaii in 1993, I was looking forward to paradise with sunny beaches and all-you-can eat pineapple. I had no idea that we were going to have to be on food stamps and WIC for 3 years. We could only afford one car and making the insurance and car payments monthly were a stretch. We knew of many lower ranking couples that were in worse shape than us.

Even now I have spoken to military service personnel and not much has changed.

What is Bush thinking? I could go on and on but I need to watch my blood pressure…

What do you think?


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