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YouTube Democratic Debate A Success

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From CNN

This just in…The YouTube format for tonight’s presidential debate was a success!

Because we didn’t have journalists or audience members with “prepped” questions, the YouTube video questions ranged from slavery, gay marriage and the disabled to women and the draft. Although some of the older candidates looked quite uncomfortable during this type of forum, Clinton, and Obama stood tall in their comfort zone; however, Edwards seemed a little shaky.

In all, 39 questions made it into the debate.

Having the debate in this fashion made the questions more personable. We got to meet a woman named Kim fighting breast cancer asking questions about health care insurance and two women named Mary and Jen. They wanted to know why they could not be married. Tony asked the candidates if women should be allowed to registered for the draft.

There were serious questions and some with a splash of humor. Anderson Cooper did a great job keeping everyone in line and on time.

I think this event has just opened a new door for interest in the debates and politics, not to mention participation. I also think it will be very hard to go back to the “old way” of conducting debates in a stuffy format.

For a wrap-up of the debate, check out the article on CNN.com. And watch all of the video questions here.

If you would like to submit your own video question for the September 17th Republican Debate, go here.

By the way…Here is my favorite video of the evening:


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