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Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds: Politically Very Different

In Baseball, Culture, Just News, Politics, Sports on July 27, 2007 at 6:37 pm

Hank AaronBarry Bonds

Kenneth Vogel’s article in The Politico today makes an interesting comparison between the two baseball legends.

…political junkies may find another, less-scrutinized difference interesting: the two men’s level of political engagement. Or, more precisely, Bonds’ relative lack of engagement and Aaron’s robust, though not particularly well-known, political involvement. And it’s not limited to the $40,000 he and his wife, Billye Aaron, have contributed, primarily to Democratic committees and candidates — including Hillary Rodham Clinton — since the 1990s, when such information first became electronically available.

As Bonds closes in on Aaron’s record of 755 career home runs amid allegations that his late-career power surge was fueled by steroids, he has participated in community outreach efforts organized by his team, the San Francisco Giants. And he has financed his own charitable organization. But, by all indications, he hasn’t used his name — or his cash — to advance political causes or candidates in his native California or elsewhere.

The article goes on to discuss Aaron’s participation in such movements as voting rights for black Americans and involvement with politicians seeking office.

Hank Aaron continues to be an active participant in politics today.

The article is rightly named Hank Aaron: Politico. Barry Bonds: Not.

I will admit that I have never been a Barry Bonds fan going as far back as when he played for the Pirates. I developed a dislike for him around 1988 mostly because of his pomp ass interviews and his ever growing ego. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of hate mail for this. Still, I hate watching him come up to bat against my beloved Astros not because of who he is but because he IS a spectacular player. But honestly…would he be in the same place today had it not been for the little artificial boost he got over the years? In any case, he is right behind Hank and I commend him for getting there – no matter how he has done it.

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