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Skateboarding: It’s Hazardous To Your Health! Jake Brown X Games Crash

In Fun Stuff, news, Sports on August 3, 2007 at 10:01 pm

So this has nothing to do with politics or local news but everyone should see this. Each time I see this clip I cringe. I’m a mother of a nineteen year old skateboarder who has already had to live through many ankle and wrist injuries, road rash, and a cat scan so this is totally frightening to me.

Jake Brown is the skateboarder in the clip and is one of the top in his sport, winning numerous medals. This is from the X Games on Thursday and he is skating on what is called the Mega Ramp.

The LA Times is reporting Jake’s update:

Jake Brown suffers liver and lung contusions

Skateboarder’s 45-foot fall in big air competition also causes small fractures in his vertebrae and a fracture in one hand.

By Pete Thomas, Times Staff Writer
3:50 PM PDT, August 3, 2007


Skateboarder Jake Brown, whose 45-foot free-fall Thursday night brought a hush to the Staples Center crowd, remains hospitalized after suffering contusions of the liver and lung, stress fractures in his vertebrae and a small fracture on the top of one hand.

Brown, 32, who was injured during the big air competition on the mega-ramp during a silver medalist performance, is expected to be released from California Hospital Medical Center Saturday or Sunday and make a full recovery.

“Doctors said there was no paralysis or anything like that,” said Bryce Kanights, team manager for Adidas, which is among Brown’s corporate sponsors.

Kanights was critical of X Games medical personnel for not immobilizing Brown immediately and placing him in a stretcher.

A hospital spokesman refused to discuss Brown’s condition.

The Carlsbad skateboarder, who missed the transition after soaring nearly 20 feet above the 27-foot quarterpipe and landed backside-and-feet first on flat wood, lay motionless for about two minutes.

He was rolled over a minute or so later and helped to his feet eight minutes after the fall. He was then escorted to a hallway and placed in a wheelchair.

He also suffered a mild concussion and could not immediately remember performing a 720-degree spin across the 70-foot gap leading to the quarterpipe — the first time that maneuver has been accomplished in competition.

But he was still in good spirits. “One of the first things he did was ask for Bubblicious gum,” Kanights said.

Added mega-ramp pioneer Danny Way, who talked to Brown early Friday afternoon:

“Most people would have every bone in their body broke and be in ICU right now. Jake is hurt, but it’s nothing he can’t come back from and be fine in a couple of weeks.”

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