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News Flash: President Bush Has Cooties

In Health, news, Politics on August 8, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Deer Tick deer tick

Ok, maybe he doesn’t have Cooties but today the White House officially announced that President Bush went through successful treatment of Lyme Disease last summer. Apparently Bush had noticed a rash in the form of a bullseye, a common sign of the disease. Ticks, specifically deer ticks, are the source of Lyme Disease. Ticks can carry other diseases as well. Have you ever heard of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? Anyway, I’m sure the President didn’t share his bullseye target rash with the VP for fear he might be shot at 😉

Now I have been working in veterinary medicine for almost 10 years and I can tell you, ticks are creepier than fleas and many other bugs. Ticks are out in woodsy and mountainous areas. Ticks will attach themselves to animals or humans for a blood meal. This blood meal may last quite a while and it is absolutely disgusting to see how the tick swells as it is engorged. Your dog should be vaccinated yearly for Lyme Disease if your live in high risk areas or you take your dog hunting or camping.

More about Lyme Disease from the CDC:

Within 1 to 2 weeks of being infected, people may have a “bull’s-eye” rash with fever, headache, and muscle or joint pain. Some people have Lyme disease and do not have any early symptoms. Other people have a fever and other “flu-like” symptoms without a rash.

After several days or weeks, the bacteria may spread throughout the body of an infected person. These people can get symptoms such as rashes in other parts of the body, pain that seems to move from joint to joint, and signs of inflammation of the heart or nerves. If the disease is not treated, a few patients can get additional symptoms, such as swelling and pain in major joints or mental changes, months after getting infected.

Seek medical attention immediately…

As for El Presidente, I challenge him to a good old game of Cootie. This was one of my favorite games as a kiddo. If you have children and are not familiar with the game, you can purchase it online from the Hasbro or Amazon.

Cootie by Hasbro

If you would like to read more about President Bush and his treatment, click here.



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