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A College Life For Me

In College, UST on September 4, 2007 at 2:17 pm

Animal House

Yo Ho, Yo Ho A College Life For Me

Some of you have sent me email wondering where I am and why I’m not posting as often as I used to. Easy. This is my senior year at the University of St. Thomas and I have buckeled down more to focus on the 18 credit hours I’m taking.

I am not your typical college student. I got married and raised a family first. My oldest son is in his second year of college and my younger son is now a sophmore in high school. This is my time to finish up and move on to graduate school. Minus the raging college parties (ok, the occassional beer at the Poli Sci house) and late night group study sessions (only the dog and cats stay up that late with me at my house) college is everything I had hoped. Last year I learned how to balance family, work, and school. Somehow I managaed it with straight A’s and a new desire to teach at a college level.

I still find it funny that I sit among students that are 18-21 years old and who cannot name any of the four Beatles or any their albums. My classmates also don’t remember such events as Ronald Reagan or John Lennon being shot. Olivia Newton-John and Janis Joplin who? Earth, Wind, and Fire – are those pagan signs? Oh dear God…

I don’t stick out that much; I’m definately not one of the “girls” that wear low-riding jeans with tattoos and thongs showing but I tend to blend in pretty good. It’s quite obvious that I’m not 18 anymore but a lot of my fellow students are shocked that I’m older than I look, 😉 We’ll just keep the exact age a guess…

So I will be blogging from time to time when the mood strikes – especially when I find something quite humorous politically. I’ll probably be posting once or twice a week. I will do my best though to keep you laughing!

Below is a picture of my son and I last week in front of his dorm.

Linfield College


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