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Should We Allow Mexican Trucks in The U.S.?

In Economy, Houston, Immigration, Local News, news, Politics, Texas Politics on September 7, 2007 at 8:56 am

Picture from the AP

This has been the big controversy this week around Houston and in other cities such as San Diego. Protesters are showing up at inspection stations throughout southern Texas and along the border. What does this do for American truck drivers? How about the free trade agreement? How safe are these trucks? Are the drivers able to speak English should they get pulled over? Many of these questions are swirling among Americans as Mexican trucking companies may soon have the opportunity to haul their cargo anywhere throughout the United States – meaning they will be allowed to cross our boarders with their vehicles. The Bush administration has approved this pilot program that if successful, could mean a revolving door to Mexico for truck drivers.

The government seems to think that the drivers from down south will abide by U.S. regulations:

From the AP:

The government says it has imposed rigorous safety protocols in the program, including drug and alcohol testing for drivers done by U.S. companies. Additionally, law enforcement officials have stepped up nationwide enforcement of a law that’s been on the books since the 1970s requiring interstate truck and bus drivers to have a basic understanding of written and spoken English.

For real? 1970’s? What about updating those books? You mean to me that these drivers will be able to communicate with a state highway officer should they get pulled over? What about if an accident occurs? Are they going to be able to communicate with others involved or emergency personnel? Don’t get me wrong, I welcome the fact that we are trying to have a better business relationship with our neighbors across the border but I think in order for them to be able to drive in the U.S., they should have to be able to pass the same oral, written, and actual driving exams (in English please) that our own citizens are required to take. Overall, I just want our roads and highways to be safe.

Read the full story from the AP here and let me know what you think.


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