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The Woodlands: Breaking New Ground – One Government Body and For All

In Economy, Houston, Local News, Texas Politics on September 10, 2007 at 9:02 am

thewoodlands_tx.gif Photo by Cliff Roe

Actually a pretty interesting read from the Houston Chronicle this am. I live VERY close to The Woodlands, Texas so this particular story caught my eye.

The Woodlands, Texas will be trying a new type of governing system, that is instead of being control by multiple municipal utility districts, tax districts, and community associations it will be ran by one governing body. Exactly how this will be done or in what time frame is still in the works.

Some are calling the revision an “interesting experiment” while others are working to keep the change from happening.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Richard Murray, a government professor at the University of Houston, said it’s hard to say whether the community is making the right steps. ”We don’t have any models of anything like this,” he said. ”It’s an interesting experiment to watch from the bleachers.”

He said The Woodlands would do well as a city because it already has a good residential and commercial tax base and an image as a premier master-planned community.

If you have not been to the Woodlands, the majority of the area is very well kept and enjoyable to visit. It still has its share of crime; however, I think the active role that residents play in the way the city is ran has made The Woodlands what it is today.

On any given day, I would rather walk Market Square or take in a movie in that area because of the family-friendly atmosphere. I also admit that the more economically comfortable areas are the ones that are better well kept. The areas – let’s say “across the tracks” – need a hell of lot more work. These lower income area seemed to have been forgotten about and are generally not associated with The Woodlands’ picturesque image. These are the areas that the city needs to focus on but seem to be swept aside because they are not the most appealing to the eye and are less likely to attract tourism or business travelers. Maybe the change in how the city will be ran will help their fight? Only time will tell once this “experiment” gets underway.

Have you been to The Woodlands? Tell me what you think.

Read the complete story here.

The Woodlands CDP, Texas Statistics and Demographics (US Census 2000) here.


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