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Relax: Humberto Has Come and Gone Already

In Enviornment, Global Warming, Houston, Local News, Nature, news, Weather, World News on September 13, 2007 at 10:08 am

Picture from NOAA

Houston has spent the past 24 hours in awe. On my way to class yesterday morning, I heard that we had a development out in the gulf that had the possibility of turning into a tropical depression. Then at lunch time, there was talk that Humberto had turned into a tropical storm and was headed straight toward Galveston and Houston. There was fear of heavy flooding and high wind gusts.

I got home at 4:00pm, battened down the hatches and moved the cars up in the drive way in case of flooding; after all, I have been through a few of these before. The news was reporting that the Humberto was already very close to land so the chance of it turning into a hurricane was slim.

Waiting to hear rain, I fell asleep. No rain. Silence.

When I got up at 5:30am this morning, the news said Humberto was now a hurricane and heading into Louisiana. Metro Houston was spared. This just goes to show you that weather forecasters can do only that – forecast. This is the way they give a best “guess-timate” of hurricane and storm paths but overall, only mother nature knows the direct path of any weather pattern.

I heard on the news that there is one death so far. A man died as his carport fell on top of him. I’m sure we’ll hear of many others as the day goes on and as Humberto goes to visit our neighbors to the east.

Now we’re watching another development out in the Atlantic.
Hurricane season ends in November.

For more on Humberto, read this article from the Houston Chronicle.



http://www.chron.com/news/photogallery/_.html (copy and paste)

if the link does not work, go to the main page of the Houston Chronicle.


Traffic is escorted westbound along Highway 87 from High Island to Gilchrist on Thursday past downed power lines damaged by Hurricane Humberto.

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