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Oregon Duck Suspended For Opening a Can Of Whoop-Ass on Houston Cougar

In College, Football, Houston, Houston Cougars, Humor, news, Sports on September 14, 2007 at 12:49 pm

My Oregon roots have left me cheering for the Ducks in this one…

From the Fox Channel 12 in Eugene, Oregon:

Oregon’s Duck mascot has been suspended for a game because of an altercation with the Houston Cougar in the season opener.

The Duck became upset when the Cougar imitated one of the Duck’s trademarks — push-ups for total points after each touchdown in front of the student section.Next thing you know, the Cougar was on the ground and the Duck appeared to be punching him repeatedly. The fight ended up on YouTube. Although some thought it was staged, it turns out it wasn’t and a suspension was handed down to the Duck.

Because the Duck mascot is a role filled by several students, specific discipline was not disclosed.Oregon uses the Donald Duck character as its mascot under a special agreement with Disney.Oregon athletic director Pat Kilkenny said official representatives of the athletics department must be held to higher standards.Even the Duck.
The story from MyFoxHouston makes the guy in the Houston Cougar mascot outfit sound like a pansy…

“Matt Stolt is a walk-on receiver who doubles as the mascot on game day because he doesn’t suit up for games.”

Stolt goes on to call the suspension “justice.” Oh dear God…Justice? This is a fight between a duck mascot and a cougar mascot for crying out loud. I also love how Fox hyped up the incident by calling it an “Attack”…what a joke.

Come on Nancy, grow some bigger ones. Watch the video and how the cheerleader breaks up the “Attack.” hahahaha…..


  1. I think it was the pelvic thrust to the face…when the Duck had the Cougar grounded…that pushed this into a “penalty phase.” Calling it an attack is absurd – just two collegians having a “disagreement.”

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