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Hey Mom and Dad, I Got an “A” in “YouTube 101”

In Are you kidding me?, College, Culture, Internet, Media, news, Technology, Television, YouTube on September 16, 2007 at 6:08 pm

Photo from the COURIER /Gabriel Fenoy

Pitzer College in southern California has added a new class to their curriculum. The course is “Learning From YouTube.” The course’s creator, Alexandra Juhasz, says that the focus of the course will be “to focus on the potentials and limits of digital media culture through the medium of YouTube” and says the class centers around the popular website with all of the coursework and assignments being linked to the site.”

No doubt this will be a popular class. Pitzer is a private 4-year undergraduate college but the article fails to state what level this class will be taught at. I would hope that it would be an upper division course, especially if this is a student driven course. Students can actually major in media studies.

Claremont, California’s Courier online has the story here.

It won’t be long before you see more of these classes popping up. I think I’ll go ponder over this new way of spending my son’s student financial aid and loans while I browse YouTube.

  1. heyy.. thats a gud idea, to learn from you tube!! 🙂

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