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Apple iPhone Rebate: Gotcha!

In Culture, Economy, Internet, Media, news, Technology on September 17, 2007 at 5:32 pm


Ouch! For those of you that just had to run out and grab up an Apple iPhone for a sickening amount of money, a rebate is waiting for you…well kind of. The technological advance in cellular phones was initially sold for around $600; however, sales were expectantly lower than anticipated. In turn, Apple dropped the price of the phones by $200 and offered buyers a $100 rebate. It now seems that Apple has flaked out a bit in regards to the rebate.

Here are Apple’s conditions in regards to the rebate:

  • Rebate cannot be spent at iTunes.
  • Rebate cannot be spent on Apple gift cards.
  • Rebate can only be spent in Apple stores, not Apple resellers, and only at Apple stores within the U.S.
  • Customers with iPhones registered to addresses outside the U.S. cannot receive the rebate.
  • Only iPhones that have been activated through AT&T are eligible (unfortunate for users who unlocked their iPhones to use on T-Mobile’s network).
  • The offer also only lasts until November 30th. (Better not procrastinate!)

Now aren’t you glad that you ran right out there and got this over-hyped piece of technology? Had I bought one, I’d be a little ticked off…

Goto Apple online for more information on how to get your one-hundred bucks.



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