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Today is Constitution Day! How Much Do Teens Know About This American Document?

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On September 17th, 1787, 39 men signed a document that changed our history forever. Today we celebrate this 220th anniversary throughout America in classrooms and in government. What I find extremely disheartening though is that young American teens know very little or perhaps nothing about the Constitution, what it actually says, or means for us as individuals in this nation. Are schools actively participating in this day? Are they actually mentioning this event in their classrooms?

From the AP:

A study being released Monday by a foundation that focuses on journalism and the First Amendment found that 51 percent of high school students questioned had not heard of the day when they are required by law to learn about the Constitution.

Just one in 10 students could remember how his high school marked the day last year, according to the study, paid for by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in Miami.

Recent national tests show that more students are learning the basics when it comes to history and civics, but are not rising beyond a modest competency in either subject.

Ouch! Isn’t this a subject that is just a little important? After all, schools around this nation will be participating in the Pledge Across America this afternoon. Do our children know why we have these freedoms and why we commemorate such an event? This responsibility should not be just left to the teachers but should begin in the homes of children in the U.S.

For the complete story about teens and the Constitution, read here.

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