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Houston in Top 10 of Most Congested Cities

In Enviornment, Global Warming, Houston, Local News on September 19, 2007 at 2:49 pm


DUH! After all, Houston is one of the largest cities in America.

A new report from the Texas Transportation Institute gives the following:

Most Congested

Metro Area 2005 1995
Los Angeles 72 71
Atlanta, Ga. 60 70
San Francisco-Oakland 60 56
Washington, D.C. 60 53
Dallas-Fort Worth 58 34
San Diego 57 35
Houston 56 32
Detroit 54 51
Orlando, Fla. 54 54
San Jose, Calif. 54 51


Least Congested

Metro Area 2005 1995
Brownsville, Texas 8 4
Spokane, Wash. 8 10
Akron, Ohio 10 9
Anchorage, Alaska 10 9
Corpus Christi, Texas 10 7
Rochester, N.Y. 10 7
Beaumont, Texas 11 6
Buffalo, N.Y. 11 6
Springfield, Mass. 11 10
Laredo, Texas 12 7


Commuters spend on average 56 hours a year in traffic jams. That’s it? My commute to class averages 45 minutes – one way, 5 days a week. Sometime that goes up to an hour or even an hour and a half. I’ve actually been stuck on I-45 South for two and half hours – on an exam day! Hmmm….guess I’m above average. 😉

For the story about Houston Traffic Getting Worse, read here.

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