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The Ignorance Of Houston

In College, Houston, UST on September 26, 2007 at 11:58 am

Picture from the Houston Chronicle

Yesterday the University of St. Thomas in Houston (UST) was on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. The story reported on the dedication of the new monument that stands in front of the private university. UST is a Catholic university on private property. I do have some qualms with the Chronicle article and those individuals that felt worthy of leaving comments at the end of the article. Now I am not Catholic (I’m an Episcopalian a.k.a. Diet Catholic) but I do attend UST.

My first gripe is about the lack of pictures within the article. (Funny as while I’m writing this, the story has been removed from the front page and is now under the Houston & Texas section.) Out of the four pictures that the Chronicle has included within their article, only ONE shows the actual monument, and it was a poor picture at that. The other three picture have those individuals included in the dedication ceremony such as the President of UST Bob Ivany, the widow of Edward P. White whom the plaque is named after, the creator of the memorial plaque, and Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Fiorenza.

The second issue: why was the title of the article changed? When I first read it, the title was something in the lines of “New University of St. Thomas Monument Marks the Gateway to the Museum District.” Why is it now boring and plain? It now reads “New Monument Dedicated at St. Thomas Campus.” Was it the ton of comments from ignorant readers on the newspaper’s website that created the change? This leads me to the comments.

Readers are allowed to leave comments at the end of this article. Here is where the true ignorance of Houston comes out in full force. I’m all for free speech but for God’s sake people, try not to sound so stupid.

Here are a few examples:


The University of Saint Thomas has done a fantastic job of improving it campus. Generally, it is a beautiful asset to the Montrose area. However, I question the design of this small plaza. The name of the institution is almost totally hidden by the giant cross. I do not think the cross needs to be so gigantic to get the point across, and I certainly do not like the idea of having crosses on the city street signs at Alabama @ Montrose. I truly respect St. Thomas as a catholic university. I just wish they would in turn respect me as a tax-paying non-christian.

Ok, I agree with you that you cannot see the University’s name behind the cross but respect you as a tax-paying non-christian? And what point are they trying to get across? Does the name University of ST THOMAS put up a lightbulb that it may be a Catholic university? This was not the idea behind the cross on the monument. What does being a tax paying non-chrisitian have anything to do with this monument being on private property?

Here’s another:


I agree with Husserl. I live in Montrose and I dont want to see a huge cross a few blocks from my house. Not everyone in the world are Christians.

No, and not everyone is a hypocritical, close-minded, non-educated individual such as yourself. Have some tolerance – after all, YOU LIVE IN MONTROSE! Does the Greek Orthodox Church down the street bother you too? How about the Valero gas station where I have seen people numerous times shooting up illegal drugs. (And for the record, I don’t know for sure that they are illegal but seeing that I watched one guy pass out right afterward…go figure.)


Ummm – they own the land it sits on. They can put anything they want there, just like you could put up a giant statue of Satan or Homer Simpson or whatever else you want to put up if you owned the property. How is that disrespecting you? ,

And about not wanting to look at a cross in Montrose (couple of comments down), I had to look at trannies, homeless folks, people walking half naked down the street, beer bottles, dumb hipster teenagers, and street kids every day when I lived in the Montrose. Should I have just told them to go away? Freedom of expression goes both ways.

Amen gracylue! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the university area, it is in a part of Houston (Montrose Blvd most famously) that is considered the “gay” district with high crime. There are rainbow flags outside of adult shops and bars and at any moment you may be fascinated with the spectacles of adult toys and posters in the windows along the street. This is also an area where I thought I would become a statistic – a man tried to attack me through my window last term because he didn’t want to let cars merge into his lane. That story for another day.

One last one:


I’m just still cracked up by STU being so desperate to be affiliated with a district a mile down the road, they put up a cross and name it “The Gateway to the Museum District”…Bawhahahahahaha….what kind of idiot would hang a sign in their own community and proclaim some allegiance to the next community over? F-U Montrose, we’re with the museum boys…STU you are in Montrose…if you want to become a member of the museum district…build a mile long mile of museums from you to Bissonett!

hou_lemme – you just lost me with your babbeling. As for ignorance, if you aren’t sure about the topic in which you are writing about, don’t risk looking like a dimwit. STU (St. Thomas University) is in Florida, not in Houston, Texas.

This just proves my point: comments after an article actually decreases the mentality of the readers. Save the comments for the old fashioned type – the ones we used to send to the editor in the old days.

If you would like to take a tour of the University of St. Thomas, visit here.

  1. Well said — Good post!!!

    Dr. T.

  2. It used to be that I only questioned the general intelligence of the Chronicle’s writers. But ever since the Chronicle started allowing people to post comments on each online article, I’ve started to seriously question the intelligence of the paper’s readership, too. And this post just illustrates why. I guess it’s a paper by the people, for the people, as stupid as they all may be.

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