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Texas Taxpayers Paying for Perry’s Temporary Home

In Are you kidding me?, Texas Politics on September 28, 2007 at 9:05 am


Here again is another example of out tax dollars at work. Mrs. and Governor G.Q. will be staying in a temporary leased home while their own 150 year-old home is having a makeover. The cost? $9900 a month – yes a month – for at least a year. The 6,386 square foot home in a posh west Austin neighborhood has been listed on the market for more than a year, with the most recent asking price $1.85 million. Move in will be next month.

Wait! There’s more!

The home with “luxurious Texas styling” sits on 3.25 acres and has pecan hardwood floors, a gourmet kitchen with marble countertops and another kitchen outside by the pool. It includes a subzero refrigerator, a balcony and a third-story attic converted to a game room. A separate guest house will be used as staff quarters.

Funny how it seems that Perry is never even around to need this type of luxury but I guess we have to make the little woman happy huh?


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