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Medal of Honor to be Awarded to Navy SEAL

In 9/11, Military, Navy, news, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq on October 11, 2007 at 9:20 pm

Michael Murphy Navy Photo

Picture above is of Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael “Mikey” Murphy.

This will be the first Medal of Honor awarded to a serviceman from the Navy during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and only the third since these wars have began.

Read the story from the Air Force Times here.

  1. congrats .
    i hope he will be doing the same kinds of work in future too .

  2. Umm…I’m not so sure what you mean. Lt. Murphy died in Afghanistan in 2005 and it was because of his efforts before he died that he is receiving this award. Read the story included in the post.

  3. This man was a true hero. placing needs of his team mates over his own welfare. I am proud and saddened to read this story. It is a shame our finest are wasted in vain. We need to bring this war to an end and take care of our own. No more democracy for cavemen

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