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China’s Congress Goes Into Session

In China, Congress, Economy, Global Warming, Politics, World News on October 14, 2007 at 8:47 pm

Picture from VOA

Every five years the Chinese Communist Congress meets. A new session begins this week and no doubt the issues of corruption, income disparity, and environmental degradation will be discussed throughout. The scandals surrounding lead contamination and pet food contamination in the United States needs to be addressed if there is to be an economical partnership with America in the future.

From VOA News:

The party has stepped up discipline within its ranks. Chinese state media say more than 97,000 officials were disciplined last year for corruption. This year, the party fired several high-profile officials, including the Shanghai party boss, for alleged corruption. The former head of the country’s food and drug agency was executed for taking bribes.

Political scientist Joseph Cheng at the City University in Hong Kong says China’s leaders want to appear tough on the problems in order to head off popular discontent.

“There is a general perception that the bulk of the rich people earned their wealth by corrupt practices rather than by entrepreneurship. So corruption is seen as a very serious threat to the legitimacy of the party, to the legitimacy of the leadership, exactly because this is seen as the very important symptom of the inadequacies of the political system,” says Cheng.

Public opinion is even important in China but I still don’t see some of the major issues changing too soon. If they continue with executions for those individuals found guilty of corruption, then maybe we’ll see a change sooner than expected. Can you imagine if the U.S. allowed such a thing in the U.S.? Ken Lay wouldn’t have died from natural causes in that case…

Read the story about China’s Congress here.

  1. I’ll say hi to ’em for you when I’m in Beijing later this week… heh. 😉

    Dr. T

  2. I saw the whole thing on TV. It was quite long and the entire conference was jam packed with people reading the booklets…

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