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What Cats Know About War

In 9/11, Military, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq on October 14, 2007 at 9:25 pm


Picture above is of an American soldier and his feline friend.

My husband has told me the stories of the stray dogs and cats in Afghanistan and Iraq and the high cases of rabies. As an animal lover both professionally and personally, I found this story in today’s NY Times very touching and enlightening. John Burns’ Nine Lives: What Cats Know About War is about his view of the strays around the Times compound and it will open your eyes to another side of conflict that you may not be aware of.


  1. My uncle made friends with a cat while serving overseas. There’s a humorous irony to those cats just living their lives in a war zone as if nothing’s wrong. Talk about being oblivious.

    I love animals, by the way.

  2. What an image to see a soilder with a wapon in one hand and petting a cat with the other. This pic does open my eyes to the humanity that does still exsist in a place where war is present.

  3. It’s true! Even at home, when tension is building up, I just take a look at my 4 lovely kittens, then I’ll be fine. When they start doing their crazy moves as if nobody is watching them, it will serve as a sign of “ceasefire”

  4. Seems like the lower picture is of an Israeli soldier.
    (Judging by gear, adjustments of weapon and cartridge etc.)
    Where did you find it?

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