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Deborah Harry: Still Punk After All These Years

In Culture, Entertainment, Just News, Music on October 16, 2007 at 7:59 am

The Muppet Show www.deborahharry.comphoto by Andy Warhol

Deborah Harry then and now…even Andy Warhol photographed her during her early career.

Wow, talk about pulling out the time capsule this morning. The New York Times has a story about one of my favorite bands from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Deborah Harry, front woman for the punk-pop band Blondie is still edgy and making music 30 years later.

Harry, who is 62 now, has released her first solo album in 14 years entitled “Necessary Evil.” Still looking good, Harry says that her album doesn’t reflect her single status (she was romantically involved with fellow bandmate Chris Stein for many years). Her album is “Like most pop songs it’s about relationships, it’s about sex,” she said. “I’m in love with love — sometimes.”

Read the story from the NY Times here.

Now, reaching back into the video vault, here are a couple songs you will surely know. And for you younger kids, “Rapture” was the first rap song not just by a woman, but by anyone to make it to #1… It’s ok if her lyrics don’t make any sense. She was great to watch! 😉

“Heart of Glass” 1978

“Rapture” 1980

  1. who is andy warhol i ask well no one really knows or do they some say he is the face of pop art well i know for a fact he is more than that he is more than just cambells soup can or chelsea girls he is a man who has changed the world though he is dead now he lives in every one and as i write this i realise this is not a web about art but about politions and i choose to start writting about a new topic about how britan has lost the will to keep healthy who shall we blame the goverment i say he should close down more fast food resturants and change them into places we can use to get fit or to buy healthy food as a subsatute for fatty foods there are other ways to keep your energy levels high

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