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Political Leanings Influence The Games You Play

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Posted on Wired.com this week:

According to a recent Zogby poll, your political leanings are more than an indication of your likely opinion on immigration or health care, they also provide a clue as to the type of videogames you like to play.

According to the survey, Conservatives (referred to as “Reds”) make up 37% of the nation, and think a lot of programming on TV is in poor taste. Their two favorite channels are Fox and Fox News, they don’t much like contemporary music, and when they read, they prefer non-fiction. As a rule, they’re not big fans of videogames, but when they do play, “Madden NFL and Mario are their favorites.”

Liberals (called “Blues”) represent 39% of the population, and enjoy HBO, Comedy Central, and reading fiction. They’re not all that into sports, but they like football and are more likely to watch soccer than the other groups. They tend to play more videogames than the other groups, with Mario and The Sims being particular favorites.

The Moderates (“Purples”), 24% of the populace, are fond of game shows and police procedurals (like CSI), though they also tend to watch more daytime and children’s TV than the other groups. They don’t dislike nonfiction, but they’d rather read a mystery or a thriller. Their favorite videogames are Mario, Donkey Kong, and Madden.

And lo, did a common love of Mario unite the nation!

Oh, oh… You mean I may be a Moderate after all?

Extreme Super Mario Bros.

  1. Knock yourself out fellas:

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