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CNN-YouTube Republican Debate to Air Wednesday

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CNN-YouTube Debate

Now it’s the GOP’s turn to debate via YouTube style.

Much like the Democrat Party video debate in July, candidates will face questions dealing with topics from gay rights to gun violence. The AP is reporting that a full line-up is to be expected, despite the fact that many of the candidates originally said they would have nothing to do with the “less serious” type of forum.

The AP is also listing some of the questions that will be addressed:

_Lynn Mulder, the father of a young Florida gay man who was slain, asks how candidates will “help create a climate of understanding and respect” toward gay and transgendered people.

_Actor Kirk Douglas, his speech slurred by a stroke, asks how candidates will improve education to help U.S. children compete in math and science.

_Gustavo Bitdinger of Palo Alto, Calif., plays the piano and sings about his Republican blues, asking “How do you know that you won’t lose?”

As for the the snowman who was concerned about global warming in the first debate, he will make another appearance this time around:

The snowman is back — “Hello, Mitt Romney!” he trills in a 40-second video — along with thousands of other questioners hoping to make the cut for the actual debate. Romney had expressed doubts about answering a question from a snowman.

I, personally, can’t wait to see some of the fuddy-duds answer questions from talking snowmen and singing voters. Uneasy and uncomfortable? Yup, I think we will see some eye-rolling and deep sighs, however, the Dems did the same thing. In any case, it should make for an interesting cock fight. 🙂

See the questions that were submitted HERE.

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