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Super Tuesday Has Arrived

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A history making Super Tuesday is underway. The question isn’t who will win the GOP nomination (we all know it will be McCain), rather who the GOP winner will go up against in November: Obama or Clinton.

It will be interesting to watch as the vote counts are returned this evening and how much of the focus will actually be on the delegates. Barack seems to have won the popularity contest in California but lacks delegates; although, this is too close to call for now and very possibly could change. Does the fact that Kennedy endorsed Obama and not Clinton make a difference to the average pollster? Are voters now trying to strategize which Democrat can beat McCain in November and basing their vote on this plan of attack?

Is the public ready to make such a critical decision? After all, the contest started extremely early this time, but how much has the public REALLY learned about each candidate and how much of your vote is being made based on what the media has painted for us? Do you really know where the candidates stand on issues such as Iraq, global warming, the economy, immigration and health care? Try this quiz and see if you are on track with the candidate that you support.

Just FYI…I am on the right track. 😉

All of the questions I brought up are legitimate ones. They should all be considered and pondered over BEFORE you walk into that voting booth today or in the upcoming months – no matter which political party you belong to. Just GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain later.

One thing is for certain, Super Tuesday will pave the way for how the rest of the nation will be voting in the upcoming months. Here in Texas, our primary is in March and it too will be a closely watched one.

The contenders are in the ring…


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