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Super Tuesday Hangover

In Barack Obama, Democrats, Election 2008, Hillary Clinton, Media, Politics on February 6, 2008 at 9:58 am


Ouch…my aching head…

As McCain skated past his GOP rivals, Clinton and Obama played a mean game of tug-o-state. The votes are still coming in but as of this morning, Obama has won 14 states to Clinton’s 8. Obama was able to secure most of the midwest but the most shocking feat of the evening was the swiftness of the media to predict Clinton the winner of California. The polls had been closed a little over an hour on the west coast when news outlets started making their announcements. The delegate count is in Clinton’s favor for now.


You can call the battle between Clinton and Obama a split decision. Washington is the next key state this weekend but Texas and Ohio and their high delegate counts will be the major focus in the coming weeks. Those primaries will be held on March 4th. The demographics seem a little more friendly toward Obama but at this point, it’s anyone’s game.

The low point of the night? Having to endure the Facebook polling on ABC News. The questions really do open your eyes (I’d rather keep them shut) to the issues that youth voters feel important. Such idiotic questions included “Which of these [choices] would make you most likely to vote?” see below for the ridiculous choices. iPod anyone? Is that what they meant by incentives? sheesh. By the way kiddos, voting is a PRIVILEGE and your incentive is to live in a country enveloped in democracy.

The following are actual Facebook polls, still being updated:



On a sad note, voters braved bad weather yesterday in several southern states as approximately 38-40 tornadoes touched down. Some reports state as many as 7 states and 70 tornadoes were part of the storm. The death count now is at 47 but that will likely climb as daylight has come. The National Guard has been called in for search and support throughout these states.


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