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No Season 7 of 24 Until 2009!

In 24, Entertainment, Television on February 15, 2008 at 8:27 am

Jack Bauer for President

As of this posting, Fox’s website still has the new of season of 24 starting in 2008; however, the network released a statement Thursday stating the seventh season will NOT return until January 2009.

Originally, the show was set to return this past January, following Kiefer’s release from jail on DUI charges, but the writers strike left producers unsure of a resume date and whether or not there would be enough episodes to last until the picket lines fell.

Well, the strike is over, Kiefer is out of jail, and 8 new episodes sit on a shelf collecting dust.

From the AP:

If it [the network] had started airing new episodes soon, the season finale would not have taken place until the summer, when TV networks rarely show their high-profile programs.

Even though eight episodes for this season had already been filmed before the beginning of the writers strike, producers would have had to ramp up production soon to complete the season.

A January 2009 start seemed the best way to comply with viewers’ wishes that a season’s episodes run without interruption to conclusion, Fox said on Thursday.

THE VIEWER’S WISHES??? Obviously, Fox is not keeping track of their own message boards. The fan majority does not want to wait until 2009 to see Jack Bauer and the cast return. Fans want the show back now.

Day 7 takes place in Washington D.C. and 3 years after the end of season six. There’s a female president (was this a Hillary prediction?), CTU has been dismantled and an old friend returns from the dead but whose side is he on?

(For now) the cast for season 7 includes (don’t look if you want to be surprised later!):

Here’s a sneak peak of the new season. Whether or not the storyline actually stays this way is left to be seen in 2009.


  1. I posted about this too! I am sad. 😦

  2. found your blog through a google search for “24”. great reads! can’t believe it’s going to be another year before it’s on again 😦

  3. Thanks! Keep stopping by! I’m crossing my fingers that someone will come to their senses and start airing the new season.

  4. I just found your blog on the show 24. I am so sad and beyond myself with grief. The world is not the same without Jack Bauer. I have been going through withdrawls, what are they thinking at FOX? We all want and NEED 24 and Jack Bauer back YESTERDAY! I saw the trailer for the new season, and damnt fox, pay attention, WE NEED IT BACK NOW!!!

  5. wow, where did this Annie Wersching girl come from

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