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Texas’ Seven Largest Newspapers Endorse Obama

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Obama in Austin

Straight from Obama’s website:

With the Texas primary just weeks away, the editorial boards of the seven largest newspapers in Texas have all formally endorsed Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for President.
Today’s edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram calls Obama a “transformative” candidate and notes that:

Obama is smart and experienced in working directly with low- and middle-class Americans to better their lives, and he brings a message of hope that the country needs in this moment.

While today’s Corpus Christi Caller-Times explains:

The Editorial Board endorses Sen. Barack Obama because it believes that he offers the kind of inspirational leadership the country is hungry for… His candidacy is rooted in the notion that politics can be about solutions, not divisions, that elected leaders are elected to lead, not to drive wedges between groups of Americans.

The Houston Chronicle writes:

Obama vows to reach out to independents and Republicans with a message of inclusion and cooperation. He offers a historic opportunity to elevate national political dialogue to a higher ground.

As the Dallas Morning News explains:

Mr. Obama is our choice because of his consistently solid judgment, poise under pressure and ability to campaign effectively without resorting to the divisive politics of the past.

The San Antonio Express-News writes:

America needs a president that tries to create unity out of diversity, marshalling all the forces — red, blue or purple — that make this country great.

Sen. Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate that offers the best chance to reach that lofty objective.

The Austin American-Statesman says “Yes, Obama Can”:

Obama is the best pick Democrats could make.

Resolving the big issues confronting the nation requires a leader who can attract support from independents and Republicans. Of the two front runners, only Obama has shown the ability to bring divergent interests together. He did that as a state senator in Illinois and as a U.S. senator in Washington. And he has staked his presidential campaign on doing that in the White House.

… His optimism, unifying vision and ability to inspire are the kind of healing balm the country needs at this moment in history.

Finally, the February 10th edition of the El Paso Times writes:

The El Paso Times recommends that El Pasoans voting in the March 4 Democratic presidential primary cast their votes for Barack Obama. A weary America, tired of the status quo, fed up with business as usual, is longing for a positive change — and Barack Obama is that change.

In addition, Barack won the endorsement of the influential Texas blog Burnt Orange Report.

If you live in Texas, visit TX.BarackObama.com for more information on events in your area and to learn how you can get involved.

See the full list of over 100 newspapers that have formally endorsed Barack Obama…

  1. Texas needs to know Barack Obama is avery straightforward man, he is by all means a man of his country. We had a Clinton in the White once…isn”t that enought!!!!!!!!!!! No support for Obam means no towels to cry on.

  2. […] the early part of 2008 seven of the largest newspapers in Texas have all formally endorsed Barack Obama . . . And here are his recent newspaper […]

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