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Hillary’s Last Stand: Austin Debate

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Hillary Campaign Stategy

So I guess if you went from being the democrat’s shoe-in for the presidential nomination to a sky-rocketing meteor (just take a look at how her campaign is going down in flames) then you would pull out all the stops too.

On Wednesday the Clinton campaigned put their flack vests on and fired two more rounds off at Barack Obama.

Shot One:

They began circulating a video labeled “Must-See TV” of Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson failing to name any of Obama’s legislative accomplishments during an interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

Shot Two:

Her campaign created a new website called “The Delegate Hub: Facts and Myths about the Race for Delegates” which is lame to say the least. It isn’t very interactive and what videos you can click on will surely bore you to tears. One link to a video boasts, “Guess Who Agrees With Clinton:See who agrees with Sen. Clinton on Super Delegates.” Once you click on it, you go to a 17 second video of David Axelrod discussing Superdelegates, never mentioning Clinton or how this video agrees with her.
Delegate Hub Link

This website is actually a spin off of “Hillary Hub” and “Fact Hub.”

It may all come down to the debate in Austin Thursday night. Lift off is at 7pm CST. You can catch it on CNN.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of all the BS going back and forth. But hey, this IS politics ;-). Jesse Jackson is is even jumping in the middle of the fire and telling the dem children to play nice.

Obama and Clinton - Kiss and Make Up Kiss and make up already!!!


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