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Pakistan Causes YouTube Blackout Because of Censorship: Follows Path of Other Countries

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Pakistan Censors YouTube

I followed this story as it broke on Sunday. Apparently Pakistan was trying to restrict its citizens from accessing a cartoon that was considered blasphemous about the Prophet Mohammed. Pakistan, like many other countries, tried to censor the video sharing network. The result was a two hour blackout in many parts of the world. Pakistan is now stating that they have lifted the restrictions of viewing the website.

This is just another example of a country’s abuse of censorship. Remember this post about the Prisoners of Freedom City?

UPDATE: China says that it will continue talks with the United States about the concern for human rights – mostly focusing on the fact that many countries have vowed to ban the Olympics which is scheduled to be hosted by Bejing in August.

From Bloomberg:

Chinese President Hu Jintao wants to prevent the world’s largest sporting event from becoming a pressure point on issues from political freedom to China’s role in Sudan and Myanmar. Director Steven Spielberg on Feb. 12 quit as an artistic adviser for the games’ opening and closing ceremonies, citing his concern over China’s failure to help end Sudan’s ethnic conflict.

HOWEVER, today China:

Voiced its opposition to any organization or person making irresponsible remarks on the Hu Jia case, which the country has handled according to the law.

‘China is a country under the rule of law …In China, anyone who breaks the law will be punished by the law. It is the same in any country of the world,’ Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regular press conference, responding to a question concerning the case of the HIV/AIDS activist.

Punishment will be imposed on Hu Jia as well when he breaks the law, according to the spokesman.

Relevant international organizations or people should be clearly aware of that. They should not make irresponsible remarks on China’s judiciary and its handling of the case according to law, Liu said.”

-above taken from www.chinaview.cn

Bejing Olympics 2008 Click on picture for the official website of the 2008 Bejing Olympics


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