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Ron Paul Says He’s Done? Not really…

In Democracy, Election 2008, GOP, Politics, Texas Politics on March 7, 2008 at 9:01 am

Releasing the following video (ugh – over 7 1/2 min!) to his supporters on his website, Ron Paul says that he’s calling it quits in the the Presidential race is winding down. No offense Dr./Rep. Paul, but even here in Texas we’ve already forgotten that you were still in this race. All he’s really doing in this video message is saying that he’s taking a back seat and while not officially dropping out, he’ll remain in to encourage the vote for liberty.

Gotta give the man credit though. He ran his campaign off of his own money and Grassroots support from his die-hard fans supporters. You were fun to watch though!

See you in 2o12.

UPDATE: I’m thinking Paul never officially got out of the race to help promote his new book and book sales. 🙂

  1. I didn’t hear anything about him releasing delegates? I did however, him tell ‘us liberty minded’ people to continue to work through the caucuses and the primaries and to get as many delegates to the RNC where we will vote on the party platform.

    … and as for Txas forgetting his name, Ha. He just won his congressional seat in a landslide.


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