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John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama

In Barack Obama, Democracy, Democrats, Election 2008, John Edwards, Politics on May 14, 2008 at 5:07 pm

John Edwards is expected to endorse Barack Obama at a rally this evening in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Having Edwards’ endorsement may help Obama with the voting public that he is lacking–the white working class which has been in favor of Hillary Clinton.

From CNN:

An endorsement from Edwards, who ran as vice president on Sen. John Kerry’s ticket in the 2004 presidential election, would have a significant impact on the race, Democratic strategist Peter Fenn said after Edwards dropped out.

“You could make an argument that the change issue does benefit Barack Obama, that he picks up that support. You could also make the argument that there’s a lot of support out there amongst people that will go to Hillary,” he said. “The big issue here is who will he endorse.”

Some political pundits predicted that Edwards’ supporters are more likely to lean in Obama’s direction.

“The conventional wisdom is that Barack Obama will pick up maybe 60 percent of them, and in some places, that makes a huge difference,” former presidential adviser David Gergen said in January.

Hmmm…think Edwards is looking for a job in the new administration? 😉


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