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Obama Brings Record Crowds to Oregon

In Barack Obama, Democracy, Democrats, Election 2008, John McCain, Oregon, Politics, Uncategorized, Washington D.C. on May 19, 2008 at 3:07 pm

Being an Oregonian true and true (I’m a Texas transplant), I had to post on Barack Obama’s speech Sunday in front of a record breaking crowd of people in Portland, Oregon. He criticized John McCain on social security, lobbyists, and foreign policy. Obama ended out his week of criticisms and campaigning in the Rose City.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Obama drew a roaring crowd of 75,000 (another 15,000 couldn’t get in)– the biggest of his presidential campaign, and equivalent to one-sixth of Portland’s population — to an afternoon rally in a park along the Willamette River here. The size of the turnout served as a reminder that Obama is strongly favored to win Tuesday in Oregon, a state whose voters — comparatively well-educated and liberal — appear tailor-made for him.

Today he spoke in Billings, Montana where he said that voters should be concerned that “after nearly three decades in Washington, John McCain can’t see or won’t acknowledge what’s obvious to all of us here today — that lobbyists aren’t just part of the system in Washington, they’re part of the problem.” He also defended McCain’s remarks about Obama’s “inexperience and reckless judgment” in regards to Iran.

Kentucky and Oregon hold their primaries tomorrow. The latest polls from Real Clear Politics show Obama leading in Oregon and Clinton leading in Kentucky.

Additionally, Obama also picked up another endorsement today: Sen. Robert C. Byrd, 90, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and a one-time opponent of civil rights legislation. Pretty interesting when you consider that if elected, Obama will be the first black president.

In the picture above, Petey and I are watching Obama’s speech in Montana. 🙂



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