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The McCain Campaign Stategy to Win

In Barack Obama, Bush Administration, Election 2008, GOP, John McCain, Politics on June 9, 2008 at 2:27 pm

The McCain campaign, specifically campaign manager Rick Davis, has released a 14 minute powerpoint presentation outlining what McCain will do to win in November.

Some of Davis’ points are:

– McCain can build a better political environment than Bush (not that Obama can do this right? After all, he’s not linked to favoring Bush Administration policies)

– McCain has more favorable image than Obama (say what?)

– Voters see McCain as an ideological match (Um yeah, if you’re a white male, over 48, and stingy with your money. Hey, I didn’t say anything this time about Centrum Silver or Geritol).

– McCain and Obama are in a tied race according to Gallup weekly averages thru June 3rd (as of today, Obama leads McCain, 48% to 42%)

He also goes on to discuss the electoral map and McCain’s fundraising. Davis says, “McCain was outspent in the primary and won.” He will no doubt have his work cut out for him in this area as Obama breaks even more campaign finances and donation records.

I can go on in detail about the excessive presentation, but I think that I’ll leave that up to you, the intellectual and informative blog reader that you are.  🙂


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