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Edouard Who?

In Houston, UST, Weather on August 4, 2008 at 3:21 pm

This storm came up so quickly that when my mother-in-law phoned yesterday afternoon to ask us if we were ready, my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Who’s Edward?” A few hours later, my husband received yet another phone call from his National Guard unit, calling him once again. It hasn’t even been a week since he came home from Hurricane Dolly.

Now corrected by others in other states about the tropical storm’s name, I have realized that Edouard popped up in a matter of hours and it seems that everyone around the country seems to be more panic stricken than our very own Houstonians. Panic leads to chaos, which is exactly what I had to deal with when I stopped by the store on my way home from classes today.

The check out lines were long with people snatching up batteries and water. I only came for something for dinner and chlorine granules for our pool. I’m sure some of these shoppers had family members (like ours) calling from outside of Texas, doing the same thing which made people think that they needed to run to the store for emergency necessities.

Now why is it that those of us in hurricane areas know that hurricane season is from June to November, but yet still fail to have their hurricane stuff ready? They wait until the last minute and freak out, which only leads others like me to be completely frustrated when I just wanted to but something for dinner and the pool! People need to just chill out and calm down.

Everywhere you turn, the news is reporting the storm’s path which is making a bee-line right through Galveston. Now don’t get me wrong, those people on the coastline SHOULD be preparing. But those of us on the north end of Houston? Get a grip people. It’s too early in the hurricane season to be losing your marbles.

Along with the rest of southeast Texas, I’ll be watching the storm’s route. It is expected to make landfall by morning around 1pm, but the storm’s strength is anyone’s guess. It failed to pick up strength overnight, but that doesn’t mean much. Remember Humberto? That hurricane popped up in a matter of 18 hours and was supposed to hit land as a tropical storm, but decided to turn into a Category 2 hurricane. I won’t let my guard down, but I’ll remain rational which is what more people should be doing.

So, as I settle in for an afternoon of wind, rain, and news, I’ll continue to trudge on through a final research paper that is supposed to be due tomorrow. Come Edouard or not, I still have to have the stupid thing emailed tomorrow. Ugh. 😦

I’m just glad that I filled up my gas tank yesterday. You should do the same before those lines get long too.

UPDATE as I’m getting ready to post this, my university has canceled classes tomorrow. I still have this paper though. sheesh.

UPDATE as of 4:00pm CST, the National Hurricane Center says that expected landfall at Galveston is 1pm, Tuesday.


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