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Another Victim of Hurricane Ike: Reliant Energy

In Energy, Houston, Hurricanes, Weather on October 6, 2008 at 10:11 pm

As my fellow Houstonians and I are finally getting back to some sense of normal post Hurricane Ike, Reliant Energy says that they are looking for a buyer. The Houston Chronicle reported a week ago that the power outages related to Hurricane Ike will cost Reliant more than $300 million in lost sales. In a statement this morning the wholesale and retail electric giant said it is exploring “strategic alternatives,” a phrase that generally means a company is either looking to be bought or to sell off a large part of its assets.

Given the fact that almost 3 million of us went without electricity for days and even weeks, Reliant’s loss is not surprising. At least we have begun to put the pieces back together; the same cannot be said for Reliant.

As my neighbors and I were moving into day 10 before our power came back on (some areas were without power for 3 weeks), I kept singing this old Schoolhouse Rock song to get me through the boredom, heat, and misery:


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