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Amazing Time In DC

In 2009 Presidential Inauguration, Barack Obama, Washington D.C. on January 18, 2009 at 9:09 pm


Well I’m having an amazing time here in Washington DC. Aside from the fact that we still don’t have cable and a very limited internet connection, time here has been great. I’m going to miss things when I leave Wednesday.

I’ve seen so many great people and visited so many cites! I’ve been fortunate to see Bob Schieffer, Ted Koppel, Sam Donaldson, Bob Beckel, and Cal Thomas to name just a few. I’ve been to the Embassy of Canada, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Capitol Hill, the Newseum, and countless rides on the Metro.

Today I braced the cold weather and arrived at the Lincoln Memorial at 8am. Me and about one million of my closest friends from around the country made an early start to get a spot along the Reflecting Pool in anticipation for the We Are One Opening Inaugural Ceremony. We had great music, saw famous people, and got to hear a few words from our new Vice President and President. A couple of bald eagles even made the program. You should have heard the crowd when a cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama began crowd surfing.

I was fortunate to get a ticket to the Texas Society’s Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball. I’m heading out first thing in the am to try and find a dress. I didn’t have any luck last night so keep your fingers crossed! Originally I was going to head back out to the Lincoln Memorial to hear Obama’s speech in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day; however, a million people on the Metro tonight and around me all day today has made me rethink things. I’m trying to prepare myself for Tuesday.

Yes, Tuesday is Inauguration day and I must be half crazy and lucky to plan on being a part of the ceremony. I’ll be at the Mall along with an even larger crowd than what I was with today. Think about this tidbit: there are 5,000 strategically placed port-o-potties for an anticipated 4 million people. YES – 5,000 for 4 million. WHAT? That just doesn’t seem right. But if the weather is as cold Tuesday as it was today, I won’t be risking my rear end freezing to some nasty outhouse.

Make sure you check out that hundreds of pictures that I’ve taken since I’ve been here. I’ve only got two and half days left. 😦

The picture above was taken Saturday at the Newseum. CNN and MSNBC were there broadcasting as well.