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Obama Daughters as Beanie Babies: Are They?

In Malia and Sasha Obama, Michelle Obama, Toys on January 24, 2009 at 7:19 pm


The First Lady is already having to defend her daughters in the first week of President Obama taking office. Ty Inc.–the same company worldly known for their Beanie Babies–has released dolls resembling the First Daughters: Malia and Sasha. Michelle Obama’s press secretary released a statement stating, “We feel it is inappropriate to use young, private citizens for marketing purposes.”

The dolls are part of the “TyGirlz” collection. Although the dolls are named “Sweet Sasha” and “Marvelous Malia,” Ty Inc. insists that the dolls are not made to be exact replications of the president’s daughters and are not based on the Obama girls. WHAT? Do they really expect the public to be that stupid? How coincidental would it be to release two dolls, obviously with darker skin and named Malia and Sasha? And I’m sure that if they were to release two young  female adult dolls, both Caucasian–one named Jenna with blonde hair and the other Barbara with brown hair–that they would in no way be referring to the Bush twins. YEAH RIGHT…

Read more about this story from the Washington Post (free subscription required).

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