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RIP Socks Clinton

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The ex-Presidential Cat, Socks Clinton, has gone onto kitty heaven after a three month battle with cancer. Socks was 20. He may have been Chelsea’s pet during his stay at the Governor’s Mansion and the White House, but it was former Clinton secretary Betty Currie whom cared for the well-known feline.


“Socks brought much happiness to Chelsea and us over the years, and enjoyment to kids and cat lovers everywhere,” the Clintons said in a statement, released first to PEOPLE.COM. “We’re grateful for those memories, and we especially want to thank our good friend, Betty Currie, for taking such loving care of Socks for so many years.”

RIP Socks



Bill Clinton’s Dior Dress Goes Back in the Closet

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Another hilarious parody from the Onion:

After months of tirelessly supporting his wife on the campaign trail, devoted spouse and former president Bill Clinton breathed a resigned sigh Monday and carefully folded the charcoal silk, fitted sheath dress he had hoped to wear as first lady during next January’s inauguration and placed it back in its beautiful box.

The 61-year-old Clinton, who has appeared on the covers of both Time and Newsweek and has recently been lauded for his work as an outspoken advocate for human rights, purchased the Christian Dior gown earlier this year after wife Hillary announced her bid for the presidency. Though he has promised to stand by her until rival Barack Obama is officially named the Democratic nominee in August, Clinton told friends that he “could not bear” to look at the dress any longer.

“A beautiful gown like this shouldn’t be wasted on any but the most special of occasions,” said Clinton, who, before packing the garment away, spent a quiet moment running his fingers over the expert stitching and delicate cascade of ruffles. “No. This dress deserves to be worn by a real first lady.”

After slowly tying the original silk bow around the box and clutching it to his chest for 45 seconds, the former world leader gently placed the dress inside his so-called “first lady hope chest.” Sources close to the Clintons have confirmed that the chest includes items the 42nd president had planned to bring with him to a Hillary-led White House, among them a pair of unworn white satin gloves, some hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments, a pewter locket bearing a portrait of his mother, a pressed daisy, two pearl drop earrings, and a handful of wallpaper and fabric swatches.

“My, my, would you just look at thisβ€”all dressed up and no place to go,” said Clinton, removing a ruby brooch from a small box marked “Final Iraq Pullout.” “I suppose the American people want better for their first lady than some pie-eyed boy from Arkansas with a head full of dreams and all the grace of a peeled potato. I only hope Michelle [Obama] or Cindy [Hensley McCain] will have the courage to change those hideous drapes in the Lincoln Bedroom.”

Can you just see him? πŸ˜‰

It goes on quite a bit more, but worth the laugh. Read the whole “article” here.

News to Clinton: You Can’t Win

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As Jimmy Kimmel and his panel of political experts the Worst Political Team on Television give their opinion on Clinton still winning the nomination, others have deemed that it’s over.

CBS News is only one of many media outlets that is calling the Democratic nomination. On yesterday’s evening news and their opinion section from the New Republic, expectation of Clinton winning the nomination is close to zilch when looking at her delegate or popular vote count.

Dan Payne of the Boston Globe agrees stating, “Hope is all she has left.”

Sam Donaldson also calls the race.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, states that Hillary CAN win… sounds like someone needs a math lesson πŸ˜‰

This video is from CBS news and includes commentary from former Dean Howard campaign manager, Joe Trippi:

Bill Clinton and the Voodoo Doll vs. “Race Card” Defense on Radio

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Listen to Bill Clinton defending past remarks about Sen. Obama playing the race card, not himself. Be sure to listen to the very end…former President Clinton thought he had hung up the phone. You can hear him saying, β€œI don’t think I should take any sh** from anybody on that, do you?” obviously speaking to someone in the car or room where he was calling from.

After hearing Bill Clinton on the radio today (taped radio interview from the 21st) I needed some humor. Sooo…

This is from 2006 but still fun to watch! Enjoy πŸ™‚

I wonder if Hillary is planning on using one of these…

Texas State Convention This Weekend Amongst Talk Radio Host Controversy

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From About.com

As I put on my delegate running shoes for this weekend’s state convention, I will hope and pray that it goes ten times smoother than our state caucus did.

I have been in contact with the TX State Democratic Party and confirmed that indeed I am on the list as a delegate. The fiasco that we endured on March 4th left me wondering.

I have also signed on to volunteer for Rick Noriega’s Senatorial Campaign and will be out spreading the word about Lt. Col. Noriega’s accomplishments as a United States Serviceman, TX House Representative, and where he stands on the issues that Texans are concerned with. Make sure you stop on by his website and get to know him. It’s time to get rid of John Cornyn.

With my Rick Noriega for Senate sticker on, my comfortable shoes, and proud Democract smile, I’ll be there amongst all the other Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters. I’ll let you guess who I’m voting for.

Now there are some that are trying to stir up controversy, maybe because their hungry or having relapses of previous addictions, or whatever, but to make it sound like this is the first time that a voter has crossed party lines to screw things up for their true party, just isn’t so. I know of a certain individual that crossed his party line to vote for the opposition not too long ago. In fact, in January, Daily Kos (liberal blog) urged readers in Michigan to vote for Mitt Romney in the GOP primary for similar reasons. So this is nothing new. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Just be frank, you cross party lines because you’re either pissed off at who your party has elected as your presidential candidate or you didn’t have a decent array of presidential candidates to choose from. Yes, there is the fact that you don’t want the opposing party in office, but it’s the satisfaction of trying to corrupt the opposing party’s votes that motivate you. This gives you permission to lie and deceive.

Ahhhhh… true democracy πŸ˜‰

“Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.”–Robert Byrne.

Yes, you may be making an impact, but I am too. The difference? I’m doing it truthfully and honorably. I am from the Left and an example of a Liberal and a Democrat. Oh wait, you said:

“Everybody is going on and on and on about Mrs. Clinton, surprised that she is a liar. I said yesterday, “Why should this surprise anybody? The Clintons lie.” It isn’t that we know she lies, but don’t all liberals lie? Not necessarily in their personal lives, but liberalism is an ideology built on lies. It doesn’t work, it cannot work, and yet liberalism requires the making of false promises and the breaking of promises, so all liberal politicians lie because liberalism is a lie.”


Hmmm…liberalism ideology is an ideology built on lies. I think you have your facts backwards. Put down the crack pipe, hero sandwich and prescription medications and look up the history and meaning of liberalism. But hey, what does Stanford know? Obviously those in talk-radio know all. Do you use Conservapedia as a resource on a regular basis? Very scholarly!

But whatever huh? I’m just a part of what you refer to as the “Drive-Bys” or “Liberals.”

Anyway, I refuse to let my blood boil because I believe I am above that. I’m just proud to be a part of this election and have the opportunity to be a delegate. I’m also proud to be a supporter of a true American, who serves his country and never disrespects his soldiers.

But I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for those “operatives” that are “under the radar.” Covert operation. Ha!

As I lay down tonight, I will remind myself that I am a liberal. To put it simple terms for you, “anything that is not conservative.”

So put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

One last personal note:

What would I know anyway? I’m only educated and happily married (yes, only once and not 3 times) to a military service member. I didn’t flunk out of college and my husband went through boot camp with a broken hand. I guess having some kind of pimple on your rumpus constitutes not serving your country.

Bravo to Thomas F. Schaller for his piece called “Microphone Marines” in the October 10, 2007 edition of the Baltimore Sun.

Hillary Clinton and the CBS Controvesy

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Did Sen. Clinton simply “misspeak” as her campaign reports or is she simply making up stories as she goes along the campaign trail? I would think that the exhausting trek across the country while giving speeches and campaigning for the Democratic vote might even make Einstein mix up certain past events and trips to foreign countries.

Hell, I can’t even remember which grocery store I went to last week, let alone what day of the week we’re on.

During a speech last Monday on Iraq, Senator Clinton recalls the Bosnia trip: “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

CBS is contradicting Sen. Clinton’s memory of the Bosnia trip because of the fact that one of their reporters was there with Clinton at the time.

Here’s the clip so you decide:

Old School Parody: The Capitol Hill-Billies

In Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Humor, Political Humor, Politics, Television on March 19, 2008 at 12:01 am

From Season 4 of In Living Color (1993-94)

That’s Jim Carrey as Bill Clinton. πŸ™‚