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Aretha’s Famous Hat Seen From Satellite

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Ok, it wasn’t actually seen from that awesome Inauguration Day satellite shot. But so many people fell in love with her bodacious bow and hat during her rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” that calls began pouring into the hat’s shop origin. The Detroit hat shop owned by Luke Song has become quite popular in the last few days.

From the AP:

Franklin, who wore a gray felt custom-designed hat from Mr. Song Millinery, has inadvertently caused an economic boom for the South Korean immigrant’s store.

Song said he wasn’t prepared for the hundreds of calls requesting the hat with a Swarovski rhinestone-bordered bow.

“We even have a lot of men calling to get it for their wives, mothers and grandmothers,” Song said.

The hat worn by the “Queen of Soul” was hand-molded and would cost upward of $500 — if it were for sale, the 36-year-old designer said. Customers instead were offered a satin ribbon version for $179.

“They want the same hat, but they understand it’s for the ‘Queen’ only,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent said, ‘That’s fine. I’ll get the next best thing.'”

The family millinery has been in Detroit for about 25 years, and Franklin has been a customer for about 20 of those years. The store also sells to about 500 boutiques across the country.

“We always make hats for her for high-profile events, so for us, the inauguration really was no big deal,” Song told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The design for Franklin’s hat came from two different hats at the store.

“She walked through the shop and said ‘I want that bow (put) on that hat,'” he said. “She had the coat already, but she needed the hat to set it off.”

I, for one, loved her hat. I even became a fan of it (yes, the hat itself) on Facebook. It shouted “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” with the diva-ness that only Aretha could exude. Admit it: no one else could wear that hat and get away with it. So for all of you that are bombarding Mr. Song’s shop, just quit it. You cannot and will not be able to wear Aretha’s hat without looking like a fool.

This is from my view at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration:


Obama Meets Obama Girl: The Hope Years

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Obama and his internet girlfriend, Obama Girl, finally meet. Well, sort of.

The folks at Barely Political has a new video reminiscent of the tv show “The Wonder Years” (1998-1993).

Here is “The Hope Years” starring a young Barack Obama:

The Dark Knight Has Arrived – What a K’night’ Indeed

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“A little fight in ya. I like that.” – The Joker to Rachel Dawes

I can gladly say that my sleepiness and stiff neck this am is attributed to the long anticipated The Dark Knight.

As I purchased our tickets early yesterday morning, I was mesmerized to hear the ticket clerk ask me exactly which midnight showing I wanted to see. It appears that the movie theater we were at had the film showing on 7 of its 17 screens. Hearing the clerk rattle off show times such as 12:01, 12:05, 12:10, 12:15, and so on, I couldn’t help but think, “Are you kidding me? Are that many people going to show up at these ungodly hours?” The answer: YES. I overheard a couple of young men next me who wanted to buy tickets for Friday’s ‘official’ premiere, but were turned down by the clerk stating that all shows for Friday had already been sold out.

We arrived to theater about 40 minutes before the film began with our prepurchased tickets in hand, but only to find out that the entire theater had already been seated. We were left to find seats in the third row. There were a few people who were channeling the Joker’s spirit by walking around in face paint along with quite a few who were wearing Batman shirts. One guy, riddled with tattoos, was wearing what looked like a 6 year old’s Batman mask and cape. Good for them. 🙂 It took all I had to throw on sweats and sneakers to make it to the showing that was well past my bedtime.

Now I generally hate going to movies when they premiere because of how packed the house usually is and the immaturity of the audience with their talking, whooping, and personal sound effects (not to mention the constant illumination coming from their cell phones as they’re texting during the movie). This was the first instance EVER where as soon as the first titles came up, in this case the DC Comics logo, the audience went silent. Then when the first scenes of tall buildings in Gotham City appeared, I realized that I could hear my own heart pounding. The audience was so quiet that I swear I could hear the person breathing next to me. Throughout the movie, we seemed to share in laughter, jolts, and gasping all at the same moments. Everyone was truly respectful to one another.

A little over two and half hours later, the film ended in applause and many stood up and gave an extra nod when Heath Ledger’s name came up. Was the film worth all the hype? Did Ledger’s performance truly withstand all the anticipation that has led up to this moment? Does he steal the show? I would say yes to all and even more so than I had imagined. It was a nice change to have more focus on the villains and other characters in the movie other than Batman himself. Don’t get me wrong, I think Christian Bale does an excellent job reprising his role as the Dark Knight; however, the spotlight goes to The Joker and Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent.

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Harvey Dent

The Joker’s character is not the same one from the cartoons, the old t.v. series, or Jack Nicholson’s creation. This one is far more sinister and for the most part, shockingly violent. Every time he would hold his knife up to someone’s face or his own, I would quickly put my hand over my mouth and hold my breath. Most frightening, his only motive is to create chaos because he can. He’s not interested in money, fame, or even killing ‘The Batman.’

“Introduce a little anarchy… Upset the established order… Well then everyone loses their minds!” – The Joker

Batman: “Why do you want to kill me?” The Joker: “I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you?”

How can we like a villain that is so evil? I think the answer needs to be credited to Ledger’s performance. His mannerisms and nonchalant sayings make you squirm and laugh at the same time.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’re tonight’s entertainment.” – The Joker as he crashes Bruce Wayne’s party for Harvey Dent.

Unlike Batman Begins (during which I managed to fall asleep not once, but twice), The Dark Knight left me on the edge of my seat, hoping that it wouldn’t end. Speaking of the end, much remains open except for the fact that we know that we won’t be seeing Ledger’s Joker again. Do be careful though about taking young children to this one. For a Batman film, The Dark Knight is by far the most violent and scary for those under the age of 8.

Bad guys in clown masks, mob guys, rottweilers, and politicians who are turned into talking, rotting skulls of peeling flesh are just a few of the contemporary changes to this comic book film. Even the Scarecrow makes a brief appearance almost as an ordinary criminal. Gotham City is much brighter (except at the end when ‘the night is darkest just before the dawn’) and resembles present day instead of some ghastly, dark introverted society.

Alongside the main cast, look for some other familiar faces including Anthony Michael Hall as a reporter (yes- Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles) and Eric Roberts as a slimy but suave mob boss.

So, plan on getting your tickets well ahead of time, arrive at least 45 minutes early, use the restroom facilities, and settle in for 2 hours and 32 minutes of thrilling, sinister, and explosive entertainment.

And by the way, I only have two words for you: Joker and Nurse 😉

The Cast (from IMDB.com):

Christian Bale Bruce Wayne / Batman
Heath Ledger The Joker
Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Michael Caine Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman Lt. James Gordon
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox
Eric Roberts Salvatore Maroni
Anthony Michael Hall Mike Engel
William Fichtner Bank Manager

Also check out Manhola Dargis’ exceptional review from the NYTimes.

Posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger’s Joker Performance?

Read the story from Wired.com.

Two-Face and the Dark Knight Mania

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The Dark Knight mania is all over the Web and not soon to be slowed down. My own blog has been getting close to 2,000 over 3200 6,150 7,600 hits a day for a post I did back in March about the movie. — Not that my biggest post has ANYTHING to do real politics – see where society’s priorities are? 😉

We have all seen what the Joker looks like, but until recently, Two-Face’s image has been under close wraps. Warner Bros. has done their best to keep the grotesque Harvey Dent/Two-Face image out of site.

Far from Tommy Lee Jones’ campy version in 1995’s Batman Forever, Aaron Eckhart’s rendition goes beyond just superficial facial scaring. In May, Eckhart told the Los Angeles Times that his Two-Face should make you “get sick to your stomach…like you would feel if you met someone whose face had pretty much been ripped off or burned off with acid.”

By the way, be sure to check out MTV.com’s ‘Dark Knight’ Dogma: Everything We Need To Know We Can Learn From Batman. Then read their take on Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent:

What if Barack Obama were killing off bad guys in his spare time, all in the name of “change we can believe in”? What if we discovered that Mahatma Gandhi had inspired all those movements for civil rights by secretly doing away with those who opposed him? What if a crusading attorney general for a city known as Gotham was exposed as breaking the very laws he claimed to enforce, revealing a dark side that lusted for … $1,000-an-hour call girls?

So is this the real thing? Guess we’ll just have to wait one more day to find out. Midnight showing, here I come 🙂

Will Smith as Barack Obama?

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Known for playing prominent biographical characters such as Muhamad Ali and Malcolm X, Will Smith says that he would be more than happy to add the role of Sen. Barack Obama to his list of credits.

In an article on MTV.com today, Smith says that he won’t be doing any political stumping for Obama, but would rather keep all political action up on the big screen. Additionally, Smith would wait to take on Obama’s persona (and ears) ‘as soon as he [Obama] writes the end of the story.’

Smith has another July 4th blockbuster getting ready to open. He’ll play a grumpy, alcoholic superhero in the film “Hancock.” His past summer slamdunks include “Men in Black” and “Independence Day.”

“Hancock” opens July 2nd:


Friday Fun: The Dark Knight Countdown

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The Dark Knight by Warner Bros.

With the weekend here, I’d figure to back off of politics for the day and post something to look forward to.

The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins is scheduled to open this July and with a lot of anticipation. Read the story from the AP here about the movie’s recent screening and tribute to late actor Heath Ledger, the movie’s Joker.

Enjoy the clips and see you at the movies!

The Dark Knight by Warner Bros. Why So Serious?

SNL and Hillary’s 3am Phone Call

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The real campaign ad:

The SNL version 😉 :

Click on picture for link to SNL’s 3am Phone Call

click on picture to go to link

Jack Nicholson Endorses Hillary Clinton

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And the entertainment endorsements keep rolling in! Here’s the latest:

Jack for Hillary

“There’s nothing sexier than having to salute a woman in the morning.”

And remember these?

Chuck Norris and Mike Huckabee

Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain

and a Multitude of Celebrities for Barack Obama

SNL is Back! Political Humor Returns!

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Saturday Night Live Texas Democratic Debate

The best seasons are the ones with heavy political influence!

Here’s the sketch about Texas Democratic Debate between Clinton and Obama. Geez. I have no idea why she feels like the media is picking on her. 😉 Of course, Obama Girl (yes that’s the real deal) shows up to hog even more limelight from Hillary.

Tina Fey returns as host and appears on Weekend Update with a segment about women’s issues including Hillary for President. Wait for the jab about Rush Limbaugh.

And check out Mike Huckabee on Weekend Update. It’s good to see that he can keep his sense of humor! Superdelegates!

Here he is backstage.

Gov. Huckabee on SNL’s Weekend Update

No Season 7 of 24 Until 2009!

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Jack Bauer for President

As of this posting, Fox’s website still has the new of season of 24 starting in 2008; however, the network released a statement Thursday stating the seventh season will NOT return until January 2009.

Originally, the show was set to return this past January, following Kiefer’s release from jail on DUI charges, but the writers strike left producers unsure of a resume date and whether or not there would be enough episodes to last until the picket lines fell.

Well, the strike is over, Kiefer is out of jail, and 8 new episodes sit on a shelf collecting dust.

From the AP:

If it [the network] had started airing new episodes soon, the season finale would not have taken place until the summer, when TV networks rarely show their high-profile programs.

Even though eight episodes for this season had already been filmed before the beginning of the writers strike, producers would have had to ramp up production soon to complete the season.

A January 2009 start seemed the best way to comply with viewers’ wishes that a season’s episodes run without interruption to conclusion, Fox said on Thursday.

THE VIEWER’S WISHES??? Obviously, Fox is not keeping track of their own message boards. The fan majority does not want to wait until 2009 to see Jack Bauer and the cast return. Fans want the show back now.

Day 7 takes place in Washington D.C. and 3 years after the end of season six. There’s a female president (was this a Hillary prediction?), CTU has been dismantled and an old friend returns from the dead but whose side is he on?

(For now) the cast for season 7 includes (don’t look if you want to be surprised later!):

Here’s a sneak peak of the new season. Whether or not the storyline actually stays this way is left to be seen in 2009.